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I'm just going to say it: This illustration is PERFECT! 🤩 And what I mean by that is that it looks exactly the way it should. It gives all the magical, beautiful and elegant vibes that I wanted it to. It's shining! ✨

I wanted the Pegasus to be perfect and so I was very focused working on it. Especially adding the final highlights with white gouache, it felt like I was under some sort of a spell, that's how intently I was staring at the paper. 😂 I wanted the horse's eyes to be piercing and captivating so nobody could escape its magic. I believe my effort wasn't for nothing; I just want to keep staring at those glowing eyes and be amazed of how such beautiful creatures ever came to exist. Might be just me and my very biased opinion, I'll be honest.

I think it's time for us to move to the work-in progress material before my love letter to this Pegasus gets any longer...

Here's the tiny quick initial sketch. Little notes say:  "big wings, curly mane, (dark?) gray, blue eyes, turquoise, green..." 

Here's the bigger (A4) pencil sketch that I then proceeded to trace on watercolor paper with watercolor pencils (seen on the right). You can see I was so eager to paint the Pegasus I had already applied a splash of color on the paper before realizing I forgot to take a picture of the lineart. 😆

And here are the photos of the painting process, and the scanned illustration (below), enjoy! 😍 

JWW 2023 Calendar: February

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Wednesday, 10 August 2022
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