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 “I want to thank you for this book, it was fantastic and the preschoolers fell in love with it. I thought it would take us 2-3 sittings to read through the book, for the kids don’t usually have patience to listen for more than 20 minutes at a time. However, now we read through the whole entire book in one sitting because they just kept telling me to “Continue! Continue!” And when I finished the story, they wanted to hear it again. I also told them how the illustrations had been made and the kids were amazed of how someone can paint like that. The sketches and the finished illustrations side by side in the book was also something they wanted to talk about. All in all, the kids adored the book, thank you!

I liked the story as well. It’s rare to find books with such a great description of how to deal with bullying; what helps and what goes behind our emotions.”

upijupi22 (about Sebastian book):

 “I've been following you for quite a long time actually....and I absolutely love your work! Your art style is simply amazing and, well, I wonder if I could find a fanart that I made 3 years ago as a present for you as one of my favourite artists. I can see how much you've grown in your own style (it's just...WOW! So cool!) and it keeps me hoping that I can improve my art skill just like you! You inspire me on keeping on drawing and not giving up in any circumstances. Thank you so much. I'm glad that you exist and I wish you luck and inspiration!”


“Oh my god I absolutely love this! Please never stop making such amazing work, I love it!”


 “I love the soft washes and vibrant colors you use”


 “Oh my goodness! Are those hand painted?!? You're so talented. Such awesome attention to details! Superb!”


“This is so freaking gorgeous! The textures, the colors, all the details of the feathers woah”


“Your sudden fox-phase makes me really happy because I really like your art and the fox is my favorite animal, so BOOM two things I love in one package! >w<”


 “How beautiful! :O I love the colors and the lineart and all the details you put into the drawing/painting! The Yin and Yang symbol is so cool. And it all looks like some sort of golden jewell!”


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