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Yukicon, which was held in Helsinki during February, was my first event in 2018. I'd gladly have participated Desucon Frostbite but when I contacted the organizers all their tables had already been reserved. So, going to Yukicon it had been a while since I had been in any event and I was very happy to get away from my little apartment for a while. 

 My place is more or less in a state of chaos before the events thanks to my preparations. This time I was also having a major inventory which only increased the amount of general mess.

I finally got a folder for my A3-prints! Browsing through them is so much easier now.

Yukicon was the first event where I got to sell the volume 1 of my coloring book! Here's a glimpse of coloring book construction site. 

Seen on the left is how most of my train travelling goes every time I take the early morning train. I like to take very early or late trains so that I can just sleep the most of the way. It makes even the longest train travels go by faster. This time I was relieved to just be on the train, since my friend had failed to wake up to drive me to the train station. Luckily, a kind stranger did the greatest favor and drove me to the station instead, for I'd never have made it on foot. I'll be sharing more details about this incident in my soon-to-come comic diary update.

During my train trip I got into a conversation with the people sitting close to me. As they found out I had just finished the 1st volume of my coloring book, they asked if they could see it. Eventually, I ended up selling 7 books right there in the train car, which was a really nice surprise!

Arriving to Helsinki, I headed to the Expo Center to receive my badge and prepare my table before going to my friend's place where I stayed at. One thing I want to point out is the new rack I got for my t-shirts! Unlike the previous one I had, this one is steady, looking more professional + easy to pack and carry. Carrying the old rack both of my hands would be occupied but the new one I can attach to my backpack, which gives me the luxury of having one hand free!

Yukicon itself was a very pleasant event. The people attending the event were mostly teenagers which essentially meant I was selling a lot of small products like magnets and cards. As always, one of my favorite things about going to the events is to meet the people there. This event was not an exception and I had such a great time talking with the people passing by my table. Thank you for making the events always so special for me!

To end this blog post in the sweetest way possible, I present a picture of my job-well-done treat that I ate after I was done with Yukicon. 
I always treat myself with something nice after events and this time it was a white chocolate-Oreo brownie. It was so sweet, chocolaty and delicious my brain almost turned into marshmallows.
I don't generally eat any sweets at all so when I do, it's like fireworks in my mouth.



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Wednesday, 21 April 2021
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