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Jasu Wonder World is the company that will help you fill the empty space with art

We stand behind our designs and culture.

We stand behind our art and designs. We love what we do, and we do what we love. We understand the importance of sharing our passion and really hope that you guys can and will enjoy our art as much as we do enjoy it.

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From Miss-Perception to Clarity
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Jasu Wonder World is a company that features the original artwork and a variety of products inspired by Jasu's creativity .


Hi! I am Jasu Jasmine Hintsala ARTIST  @ JASU WONDER WORLD

I, Jasmine “Jasu” Hintsala am a self-taught artist living in Finland. My artist career became official in 2016 when I founded my own company, Jasu Wonder World, to make a living doing what I love. The creation of art has been a permanent part of my life from the time I was old enough to hold a pen in my hand. From a child’s messy scribbles my creations have transformed into true masterpieces but it’s not only the art that has gone through a transformation. In my book, “From Misperception to Clarity”, I reveal how I transitioned from a deep depression to self-awareness: how after years of self-doubt and hatred I came to the decision to chase my dreams with all I have.    Browse Jasu's Biography here

Wonder Blog

04 April 2019
​This painting took me surprisingly little time considering it was A2-sized. But then again, the commissioner wished the painting to remain rather simple and wanted the surroundings of the couple to be blurry. So, at the end, the only places whe...
142 Hits
19 February 2019
All the illustrations for the story of Sebastian have been finished at last. I'm hoping to be able to send the story file to publishers as soon as possible. In this blog post you'll find all the work-in-progress pictures of the final illust...
222 Hits
09 November 2018
 The stare of this wolf became just as captivating as I wanted to! Also, the bright red roses together with the dark gray and blue tones of the wolf gave this painting an atmosphere exactly as I imagined it. Obviously, I'm very happy about the w...
400 Hits
My story, the story of my journey from a place of mis-perception to a place of clairty

My story, the story of my journey from a place of mis-perception to a place of clairty

Jasu has written a book about her journey from a place of deep stress and depression to a place of clarity and great happiness. You can buy of copy here for yourself , or get a digital version through Amazon


Recently finished project

You Surely Have a Long Neck 

The book is about bullying. Sebastian getting bully and the story shows the changes happening in Sebastian life and then the story shows how He, through his own actions changes the situation and ultimately stop the bullying.

NOW! Available for purchase

Kids Coloring Book Vol:1

Browse the content of the book here.

Coloring Book for adult

Browse the content of the book here.


Browse the content of the book here.

You Surely Have a Long Neck

Browse the content of the book here.

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Wonder Products

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How to Commission Jasu

You can go to our commission page and have a first hand idea of how it works, and on what to expect in order to commission Jasu the artist.  The other way is to simply get in touch with the artist via email or phone. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. Do you accept commissions?

 Yes! and More information about commissioning can be found here.

2. How much do you ask for commissions?

Rough examples to help you get an idea of the commission prices can be found here.

3. Can I buy prints of your original artworks?

Yes. You can order the prints here.

you’re interested in ordering a print larger than what there is offered in Wonder Shop, please contact the artist about your inquiry. ([email protected])

4. Can I buy your original paintings? How much do they cost?

All the original artworks that are on sale can be found with their prices here.

5. Can I purchase your products online?

Yes. All the products available for online purchasing can be found on Wonder Shop.

6. Do you ship worldwide?

No. For now, in addition to Finland, we ship to EU countries, USA and Canada. However, we are working to get more countries added to our shipping list.

7. What material are Jasu Wonder World t-shirts made of and how should I wash them?

The shirts are 100% cotton and can be washed in a normal washing machine. Turn the shirt inside out and wash it in 40 °C.

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Claritas est etiam processus dynamicus, qui sequitur mutationem consuetudium lectorum putamus claram.

Please support my artwork and my artist career by making a donation

Support Jasu's artwork and career by making a donation. Any amount is and will be greatly appreciated. 
Art is a language that can be understood all around the world without any words being spoken. Jasu Wonder World translates this unspeakable feelings into a visible form. Giving everyone a chance to find the world of inspiration.

Please consider supporting the artist efforts.

Any amount is appreciated :
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